There’s a lot that needs to be moved in Lynchburg besides passengers.

Right now, transportation needs are greater than ever as restaurants and other small businesses struggle to stay afloat while still striving to meet the needs of home-bound residents. MoveUP is a smartphone app developed here in Lynchburg that connects businesses, drivers, and customers. When you become a MoveUP driver, you can play a vital role in helping local restaurants and small businesses moving food and other goods.

How does it work?

Customers contact participating restaurants (and other local businesses) and make a purchase either online or by phone. The business then posts the delivery assignment on the MoveUP app, and if you’re an available driver, the app will notify you of the opportunity. If you choose to accept it, you simply pick up the meals or merchandise and deliver them to the customer. The restaurant pays MoveUP a delivery fee for your trip, and at the end of each week, you’re compensated for all of that week’s activities. You can work whatever hours fit your schedule!

What about passengers?

Under these coronavirus conditions, ride-hailing services pose concerns for drivers and passengers alike. And right now, drivers are mainly needed for moving meals and other goods around town. However, in the near future, we definitely intend for the MoveUP app to play a vital role in helping to meet the transportation needs of all types of people throughout the Lynchburg region.

How do I become a driver?

There’s no cost to join. Just download the app and register with the administrator. Once you’ve passed our background check, and you & your vehicle are approved, you can start serving the growing delivery needs of our community!