RacingUPward's Complete Simulation System

Component Specifications Required Price
Chassis Comp light + 3 monitor stand $1000
Seat Bucket Seat, syn leather $400
Display AOC C24G1 144hz (3) Yes $600
Computer Ryzen 5 3600, 1660s, 16gb Yes $1150
Motor AF 13nm, custom mount, hub Yes $900
Wheel 300mm syn leather, paddle shift Yes $450
Pedals Heusinkveld Sprint Yes $750
Audio Logitech 2.1 Speakers $100
KB/Mouse Logitech 2 in 1 $25
$3850 $5375
Tax 8% $308 $430
Total $4158 $5805
Unlimited remote setup assist (1 year) $495
On-site setup assist plus 1 year remote $1195

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RacingUPwards uses the PC-based, online motorsports racing simulation platform iRacing as a virtual laboratory. A suitable computer connected to quality, durable peripherals is needed to be effective. Because there is a competitive component to the academy, the core components of this system are of a required specification provided by SimShop, LLC, assuring a level playing field. These components have been chosen for cost-effectiveness while still offering industrial-level reliability for the absolute best learning experience. This simulation system should last for many years of regular use.

Because this is an online simulation, a stable internet connection is required. Though recommended, this connection does NOT need to be high speed; it does need to be stable; even temporary losses in connection during a live, multi-team event may result in being dropped from the hosting server. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure a suitable internet connection.

The simulation chassis, seat, and basic peripherals are not required. Each team has the option to build or provide its own equipment for this purpose. However, the recommended specifications listed were also chosen for their high quality, durability, and relatively low cost considering the complexity and flexibility needed to provide the optimum learning experience across a wide demographic of students, year after year.

Because of the continual evolution of computer operating systems and even the iRacing platform itself, setup is generally not simple “plug-and-play.” Remote (telephone, online) setup assistance or onsite setup is available; travel expenses may apply, please contact SimShop,LLC for details.

A limited number of complete simulation systems are available now at this price for the introductory season, summer of 2020.