Anthony Victor Seaber

Victor has a varied background which ranges from entrepreneurship, industry and education including teaching senior-level mechanical engineering in racecar vehicle dynamics and racecar performance for Old Dominion University for 9 years. The teaching model engaged students by pulling together engineering knowledge from various classes of racing in a practical and exciting manner with on-track performance data. Now that the technological fidelity has improved enough to support it, the methodology can be applied virtually.

Professional race team

While instructing for Old Dominion University the VIPER (Virginia Institute for Performance Engineering and Research), he extended this educational platform into a full-fledged professional race team. Traveling the US and Canada competing in both regional and national amateur events with SCCA, and professional competition with IMSA Prototype Challenge, the lab was grown into a self-sustaining business that provided employment and internship opportunities for students. The race team was very successful winning several championships culminating with winning the Masters class of IMSA Prototype Challenge and the IMSA Spirit of Speed in 2017.

An accomplished driver

Victor is an accomplished driver in his own right with experience from 2002 working as a driver coach, race engineer and team manager while driving semi-professionally. In 2019 he won the prestigious SCCA National Championship in Formula Mazda.

Career & academics

His industry experience includes working as a mechanical engineer and engineering manager in industry for companies including Caterpillar and VTTI. His educational background includes an undergraduate engineering degree from Virginia Tech and an MBA from NC State.

Wyatt Gooden

Wyatt is a pioneer combining real-world driving and coaching expertise with the use of connected online digital simulation systems to help clients and teams develop to the fullest. Born in Cleveland Ohio and residing in Dallas Texas, Wyatt designs and builds simulators for training specifically for iRacing through his company Simshop LLC.

Sim Racing

He has worked on numerous platforms throughout their rapid development, including being invited to compete amongst the world’s elite simracers in the Formula E- sponsored Road to Vegas Challenge, which had a 1 million dollar top prize. As the advanced simulations such as iRacing have expanded in capability and industry participation, he has also expanded his repertoire to include everything from advanced driving techniques and race craft to system design and optimization encompassing every aspect of the sport.

Real-world driving

Wyatt’s skillset is not limited to the virtual. His on-track performance and several victories eared him Rookie of the Year in the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDi Championship. Since 2011, he has competed in professional formula car competition, accumulating many victories and support from manufacturers such as Honda. He became a finalist for the Team USA Scholarship, as well as being ranked the #1 Formula Ford driver in the USA.

Bryan Vorce

Bryan’s ability to adapt to unexpected challenges and create real-world solutions with the available tools has made him a valuable manager in the business world, but his ability to coordinate the logistical nightmare that is an online racing series sets him in a class of his own. This virtual world contains every facet of its real-world counterpart, including every potential hurdle. Bryan is also an accomplished photographer. He and his fiancé live in Raleigh, NC.

Sim Racing

He has successfully developed, organized, and implemented several multi-race series with drivers and teams from all over the world, managing events simultaneously on multiple platforms; implementing team communication systems for logistics and data sharing; sponsorship recruitment and social media promotion; real-time broadcast with data support of professional race announcement; graphic design with logo and livery creation and digital implementation.