An educational program simulating the world of motorsports

Man has used the crucible of competition to advance his capabilities for as long as he has walked the earth. More than just another STEM program, Racing UPward takes advantage of new technology that allows us to simulate with incredible accuracy the entire world of motorsports.

6 week summer curriculum

Comprehensive online course and testing

Live educational seminars

Interactive, competitive events

designed to test the student’s mastery of the material while promoting teamwork and problem-solving more-so than winning races. It also allows groups of kids to connect from all over the country and even around the globe.

Watch the Racing Upward Calculus Demo video

Educational material

The curriculum caters to absolute beginners, teaching everything from the very basics of how to drive to advanced vehicular control.

Vehicular dynamics
Suspension, springs and dampers
Aerodynamics theory
Drag vs. drownforce
Optimal fuel and power utilization
Hybrid drivetrains
Teamwork in the digital age
Communications, digital, delegations
Marketing techniques
Leveraging social media, art and design, logo and brand placement
Human physiology and sports psychology

You want to know more about the content of our online courses and educational seminars? Check our course example below:

The team

iNSL iRacing Student Innovation Challenge

RacingUPward partners with iNSL

iNSL iRacing Student Innovation Challenge launches October 1st with a goal of getting teens on track with STEM education and up to speed with data driven decision making. Students will “Quantify to Qualify” in challenges that help students from across the U.S. become the R&D crews for their own simulated racing teams, gaining points through Qualifiers and earning a place on track for the winter’s sanctioned race series. Students will use the engineering design cycle to DIY peripherals setups and prototype custom simulator rigs while experiencing the careers in data, planning and media that drive successful race teams.