A free online course for phlebotomists

Because Unified Potential has its origins in the hospital laboratory, a complete reimagining of the career of the phlebotomist was a natural first project.
Phlebotomists are a critical component to any healthcare team, requiring specialized skills to connect the laboratory to the treating clinicians. If you are drawn to a challenging career where you can make a genuine difference in other people’s lives, phlebotomy may be exactly what you are looking for.

About the phlebotomy course guide

Reimagining of the phlebotomist career

Intending to demonstrate a new way of looking at the way people are trained and deployed, this free online course prepares anyone with a high school diploma and an interest in healthcare to be trained to work in the one area of laboratory medicine that interacts directly with patients.

A course for experienced people or beginners

Whether you are a college student looking to gain valuable experience and an important skillset for a career as a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner or doctor, or if you simply want to begin a rewarding career as a critical part of the modern healthcare team, this course is an open door.

Explaining the role of phlebotomists

The Phlebotomy Training Course from Unified Potential will explain the role of a phlebotomist and teach you what you need to know to enter a hospital environment and begin working toward an exciting and rewarding position bringing the science of the laboratory to the patient.

Meet Victoria Varah

Victoria Varah

Victoria shaped the development of the phlebotomy course while pursuing a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science at Wake Forest University, working in a busy hospital setting at Centra Health in Lynchburg. She applied these skills within several research projects at the Health and Exercise Science department at Wake Forest, and in her senior year became a research study lab coordinator, training less experienced lab workers and handling over 400 specimens. This experience shaped her career path, and after graduating in 2019, she moved to the business side of the health care world with CareAllies, a Nashville-based management company for health insurers, working daily with physicians and other clinical staff to help close measures and bring quality care to the Medicare population.

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