When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the battle begins.

Unified4Kids is here.

  • Comprehensive support for the patient and family

  • Effective communication for treatment team whether near or far

  • Mobile and local treatment options for minimal interruption of regular life

  • Unified4Kids provides complete support for children and families fighting cancer. Endorsed by the American Cancer Society, U4K is the most comprehensive community program ever created, assuring that you don’t have to face anything alone, neither treatment nor any other challenge.

    A multidisciplinary approach to treatment requires collaboration, and U4K provides the tools to assure that everyone involved in a patient’s care is able to communicate easily through a modern world that doesn’t always make this easy. Thanks to the generous support of QliqSOFT, providers near and far can be securely connected, and navigators can connect with parents or guardians instantly. Families can record and store all of the important information about diagnosis, laboratory information, and treatment plans, and share that information as needed to assure everyone involved has the data they need to make the right decisions, every time. Mobile phlebotomy and nursing means that kids stay at home or school or play, and the support of local pediatricians both in and out of the hospital allows us to provide treatment as close to home as is possible.

    The challenges don’t end with treatment, and neither does U4K. Made entirely possible by the support of Mustaches4Kids, Unified4Kids can connect virtually any resource to families in need, bringing to bear the collective efforts of the community. When priorities shift, things that weren’t a problem can become real issues: education, transportation, even food and shelter. When you simply must be in a city far away, mowing the grass falls off the list. But we are your neighbors, and we have your back. From faith-based support to family counseling, tutoring to paying the bills, no stone is left unturned. MoveUP gives us the ability to leverage a secure transportation network for kids so that everyone can be where they need to be.

    We are Unified4Kids in the battle against childhood cancer.

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    Whether it is the patient, the parent, or a sibling that needs help, our community is Unified4Kids.