It is time to MoveUP

MoveUP allows any business or group to do coordinate deliveries. MoveUP is a purpose-built digital platform designed to allow us to unify every type of transportation onto a single network that we can all use.

MoveUP has a unique architecture: it allows any group or business to create its own transportation network to suit its needs. The network administrator decides who the drivers are and what qualifications they require, decides who the riders are whether private or public, and then decides how they will connect, whether a city taxi service or a private limousine company, a church network, school, hospital or healthcare group. Rides can be free, or fares can be set with virtually unlimited choices, including pay as you go with electronic fund transfer through the app, or billing after the fact by whatever system is most appropriate. This same network architecture empowers businesses to do deliveries, allowing them to set the qualifications and expectations of drivers, and pushing orders to the driver network for digital coordination.

Networks can be interlinked with drivers participating in multiple networks, increasing utilization and effectiveness.

No matter what your needs are, this single app provides the platform to do what you do, only more and better.

  • Apply as a business to set up a web-based online delivery network; you may represent a restaurant or group of restaurants, or any other business or organization such as a church or charity.

  • Choose your drivers and their qualifications and add them to your system using the online administration portal.

  • Use the online order-entry platform to push delivery requests to your drivers, or integrate an online order entry system from another vendor such as Ecwid, Weebly, or Square.

  • Track the delivery through job selection, pickup, and customer address navigation including delivery confirmation.

  • Automatically push tracking updates to the customer including a 4-digit code for 2-factor delivery authentication.

  • Operate without charging fees through the app, or set delivery fares that are charged to the customer and paid completely to the driver with a number of configurable parameters (base fare, minimum fare, cost per mile, cost per minute) using Stripe for secure electronic fund transfer.

  • Accounting platform that maximizes flexibility and minimizes transaction fees.

  • Integrated navigation with Apple Maps.

  • Integrated connection to customer (phone, text).

  • Online record of all data.

  • Business costs:

  • Neither businesses, drivers or customers pay to use MoveUP.

  • There are third party costs associated with implementing any software system, such as needed hardware like smartphones or tablets, server space to host and run your network, electronic fund transfer fees, or fees for other integrated software systems like an online order entry platform.

  • We designed MoveUP to allow these costs to be as low as possible, and to be scalable to suit your needs.

  • We at MoveUP are committed to helping you do what you do, only more and better. If you have the capabilities and knowledge to setup your own server system yourself, we can package everything so that you manage all of it on your own. We can also provide easy server solutions to help you get it running quickly and smoothly for the best customer experience.


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